Monday, July 04, 2005

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies 

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate the day of our nation's birth I exercised my constitutional right to bear arms and shot a bunch of guns at people who looked un-American.

Not really.

I went to school where there was a cookout going on. Well, it developed into a cookout/in as the rains came and went on a whim. It was nice to relax with everyone for a bit and catch up on what folks are doing for the summer. Those going to England on the Prof. Barker trip are getting excited for that. Others are trudging through CPE. Some are teaching; others acting; and a few just resting. An incoming student who lives in the area came to hang out today as well, bringing his family along. His youngest son, Joe (I'd guess a little over a year and a half), was hysterical as he bounded to and fro on seeming limitless energy, waving and proclaiming "Hi!" to anything that moved and a few things that didn't. He was fascinated by the dogs, so long as they were as a distance of great than five feet from him. It was cool to get to know an incoming student a bit before the academic year begins. I'm going to be a senior - the last year - weird. The Ref had some pieces of advice for me about how to look at the situation and I think I'll take it.

Since it was raining, I did not go to see the Evanston fireworks, electing instead to stay in and watch the Braves beat the Cubs 4-0 (Davies pitched very well tonight, going 6.2 innings and LaRoche homered twice to support him). Now, I believe I'll retire early as I need to be in the library early tomorrow for what should be my final day of packing boxes and moving boxes. The guy who is coming to collect them is suppossed to be in sometime between 10 and 2.



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