Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lakefront Trail; All-Star Party; Interesting Recipe 

Got up this morning around the time God Himself begins thinking about getting out of bed to go biking - the trip that was suppossed to happen last Thursday but was postponed by my flat tire. Today it went off without a hitch, unless you count rain, but we didn't. Rode through Roger's Park, following "to the Trail" signs and then rode down through the Lincoln Park area on the Lakefront Trail which was amazing! Aside from the few bursts of rain, the remnants of Hurricane Dennis making their way to Chicago, it was a great time. Well, and even the rain wasn't too bad. I got my first experience riding in it, and that was ok (I am thankful I got the helmet with the visor as it kept my glasses dry). It was also my first experience riding with someone else, so having to pay attention to where they were, when they were braking, that sort of thing. Then, there's always the random guy riding on the wrong side of the rode as he whips around the corner. About 12 miles in all, so it was a decent ride. I am quite sore today though, as yesterday was my first day back in the gym since injuring my hand. My muscles don't like me. They actually do, they just don't know it right now.

The All-Star party I had tonight was fun and the chicken was good. Jeff and Leigh had to leave early to get to a hockey game he was in, leaving me with three fellow seminarians who were just there for the social aspect and didn't give two hoots about the game, so that was kinda funny.

Last night I tried a new recipe that was interesting, good but interesting. Get a steak, coat it with black pepper (preferably coarsely ground peppercorn) and then some salt, but not too much. Then rub some vegetable oil on it and then coat it in fresh coffee grounds. Grill to taste. It's an odd combination of flavors that is surprisinging tasty. I'm betting if you prepare it for someone and don't tell them what is on it, they'll have a heck of a time identifying the flavor. It's interesting that way.

Didn't get much sleep last night. Had a dream in which I did something terrible and woke up with a splitting headache - worst headache I can remember having actually. I couldn't move my head at all and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour or so. So, I'm tired now. Showering and hitting the sack.



I wonder if that works the other way around - get a cup of coffee, put salt and pepper in it and then pour beef boullion to taste...

ZAX out,

By Blogger BrotherBeal, at 7:53 AM  

Beal, that is just gross.

Hmm. Luke will be out of town a bunch in the next couple months, maybe i'll give it a shot... you know, getting my meat in where i can :)

By Blogger Susie, at 2:38 PM  

Just because there's caffeine involved, I'm reminded of a Coca Cola and ham recipe. Slice the ham and lay it out on a sheet pan; sprinkle brown sugar generously on the slices; pour Coke over the whole thing; bake. While it bakes, the brown sugar and Coke carmelize; very tasty.

By Blogger G. Brooke, at 10:20 PM  

Hey - anything goes in the name of culinary research, right?

Brooke -

That sounds delish - although it will lose the carbonation (in my opinion the best part of Coke), maybe there's a way to get the burn back into it... In the meantime, I'll just keep eating Smithfield country ham and drinking Coke to keep my esophagus from complete and total desiccation.

By Blogger BrotherBeal, at 11:16 PM  

Mr Whitley, I was all set to comment on your biking and God waking up . . . wake up dead man . . . and then realized everyone wanted to talk about your cooking.

By Anonymous Jeff, at 2:31 AM  

Where do you attend seminary?

By Blogger The Common Anglican, at 4:22 PM  

Common Anglican -

Seabury-Western in Evanston, IL.


By Blogger Ryan, at 6:30 PM  

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