Friday, July 08, 2005

Biking Adventures 

Got up very early this morning to go on short bike trip with Brooke. As it turned out, it was far shorter than anticipated due to a flat tire I acquired on the way to meet him. So, we walked the bikes back to my apartment, had a cup of coffee and chatted for an hour or three. I then took my bike up to the shop; I get free flat repairs or six months there, so why not use it right? I was in and out of there in five minutes. By that point I was all psyched up to go biking, but it was the middle of the day, which means heavy traffic and heat. So, I waited. Plus, I had a job to get to. Later this evening, I did 10 miles by myself, touring west Evanston and parts of Skokie. The roads heading East are, for some reason, far bumpier than the same roads heading West. It was a lot of fun and very freeing. My posterior is still not used to the seating arrangements, but it will have to toughen up.

I was all ready to write about a conversation this morning about the potential ethics of blogging and why different people blog, plus some comments on storytelling in general, but now I am wicked tired and ready to shower and go to sleep. Francis J. Hall's Theological Outline awaits my attention at the scanner in the morning. Today the OCR program rendered the following phrase: "Miracles are extraordinary sins of God." It meant to read "signs", but failed. Yeah, that's the kind of thing I find amusing.



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