Friday, June 24, 2005

Work Day 

Today was a long awaited work day. Oh, somewhere round about February I decided me bedroom could stand to be rearranged. I was running out of bookshelf space (and so needed another one, which would have to go in the bedroom) and was getting bored with the current set-up. I investigated bookshelves - expensive! So, I held off - also because I was lazy and buried in school work. Well, a friend of mine I knew from Canterbury was moving out of his apartment into another one and needed to get rid of a bookshelf, so today, I went over to his old place, inspected what he had to offer and paid a very good price for a bookshelf that suited my specifications almost exactly. I've moved my bed and nightstand to make room for the shelf - this also necessitated removing some of my lovely wall decorations; don't know where I'll relocate them. But now, I have an excellent bookshelf which is now the home of all my seminary books, all neatly organized and arranged by canonical area and within that, time period (people not taking GOEs will have no idea what that means, but basically they're arranged by subject and within subject by time, so on the Scripture studies shelf, Brueggemann's book on the Psalms comes after Fretheim's book on the Pentateuch, and on the history shelf, Cox's book on Pentecostals comes well after A New Eusebius.)

The work day, however, got a late start, as I slept in recovering from last night. I hung out with some friends (and new friends) to watch game 7 of the NBA finals at Duffy's. Leigh cashed in on her free beer party, so I figured it'd be a good idea to go, even if I only cared about the game because Tim Duncan was playing in it (NBA is not my sport). The multiple-venue evening turned into what I'll just describe as "An Ode to Bacchus" and chalk it up. It was fun though and everyone needs to cut loose once in a while,. or at least so saith MacDaddy.

Tonight I'll be following the Dude's example. I hope you can find some comfort in that, knowing I'm out there, taking her easy for all you sinners*. The Braves are finally on TV again, there's corn dogs to be had, and peanut butter fudge to finish off. But before I go to that, let me introduce you to a new blogger (ok, she's on LJ, but we'll forgive her that). Sarah is a long time friend of mine from high school days and we've made our fair share of memories over the years. Right now she is getting a Masters of Electrical Engineering at Vanderbilt, but I'll let her tell you more about that. Check her out here. And welcome to blogaria, Sarah!


*For those of you not getting this reference, before you become offended, go watch The Big Lebowski.


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