Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Weeping Hour 

My eyes must get tired. Or they're allergic to eleven o' clock. The reason I say this is that for years, at or shortly after 11pm, I begin to weep. My eyes tear up and are very watery for several minutes. It's odd, I know. Sometimes it happens as I go to bed, sometimes just before. Tonight it happened just before. But tonight, there was a reason I was wracked with sobs - and I don't say that hyperbolically as I am sometimes wont to do.

Tonight I watched the film Hotel Rwanda. I believe this is a movie everyone should see at least once as it is, simply put, powerful. For those of you who don't know, the film details the life of one man and his family who run a hotel in Kigali, Rwanda in 1994, just before and during the genocide that took place there. A genocide which the world ignored. The acting is convincing; the scenes are horrifying; the story is too terrible to be true, but it is. There were three points in the film when I literally burst into tears. Sometimes in movies a tear will trickle down my face or my eye will well up, but never do I openly sob as I did tonight. I cannot endorse this film enough. If you have not seen it yet, get it. Sit down with a cold drink and some tissues, prepare yourself, and watch. As horrible as it is, we owe them at least to watch what they lived. Make it a family movie night. I'm serious. People need to see this. The reason we can let this go on, the reason we did let this go on is that we didn't believe it. We couldn't accept it. That's why we need to see it.



Regarding eyes, beware of Bells Palsy as my eyes used to do that also. Be sure to check your facial muscles when that happens, my eyes also teared up at night and that could have been how it started with me...

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