Monday, June 27, 2005

I feel as if there is much to post about, but at the same time, nothing I really want to post about. I've been fairly busy the last few days while at the same time, it's mostly been busy doing not much of anything. I finished Hyperion and have begun The Fall of Hyperion, which is just as good so far, but written in a very different style making it a bit odd as a sequel. I have managed to not break my hand so saith an x-ray, which is good, but as it still hurts from my bike fall a while back, seems to suggest something else is going on and it's not quite right. I can't lift with it like this, and I can't even do push-ups because that hurts it too much. I suppose I should be grateful I've not hurt myself like a friend has, who may have to have knee surgery, but still. I've started field-ed at St. Luke's (they even put a nice little welcome thingy on the website for me) and I have an office, an extension, the whole nine yards. Now, I just need something to do there. I suppose as we all figure out just how I'm going to fit in there, that will come in time. And then there are the spontaneous things that pop up - for example, tomorrow I will be sub-Deaconing at a funeral of an old time St. Luke's person who passed away last night. I feel like some parishoners are very welcoming and accepting of me while others, expectedly, are still wondering who I am exactly and just what the heck I am doing there. One parishoner seems to like me and trust we well enough to tell me some troubling personal confidential information, so that makes me feel kinda good and I hope I can be of some help to him. Prayer always is helpful. I'm still striking out on the summer job search. So far, 5 applications out and not one word back. I seem to be striking out on the dating scene as well, mostly because I'm not a professional sports figure. I mean, I could draw up a card with a picture and everything with my batting average from this season and all my stats, but the words "Seminary League" at the top of the card don't cut the mustard apparently. The Braves are doing quite well for being as crippled as they are. In fact, if this streak keeps up, I'm not certain we should put our stars back in when they recover. Julio Franco, 46 yr old 1B, hit a Grand Slam tonight. Last week he homered twice in one game and stole a base. In another game he bunted for a single. Bobby Cox has been quoted for than once saying, "Nothing he does will surprise me." I'm in agreement. Jimmy Buffett is singing on my radio right now, "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane." I am in agreement.



Re dating--unfortunately, as I can tell you from experience, "I'm going to be ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church," is not a pickup line that gets you anywhere.

By Blogger Emily, at 9:19 AM  

Good luck at all your "at bats". Keep swinging away, especially at the dating thing. Good Luck at St. Luke's.

By Blogger K, at 2:04 PM  

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