Saturday, June 04, 2005

3 Seniors 

With the close of (now) yesterday, my Mother and Father are the proud parents of three seniors. Brennan will be tearing up Bishop Verot this year on the mound, in religion class (with a lil' help from his big bro), and with the ladies as a senior in high school. Trevor, as a senior in college, will likely be making a bid to buy Stetson University, given all his hard-earned knowledge of investments and finances. And I, now officially a senior in graduate school at Seabury, will be doing what I can to ensure I leave the seminary with it smelling of incense more than when I arrived. It should also be mentioned that my cousin Sarah, who is taller than any cousin of mine humanly should be, is a senior of sorts, at the top of the totem pole in middle school, the 8th grade. This time next year will be insane indeed.

After the commencement festivities today, I drove a classmate and his family to the airport and then came back here for a brief rest before my bicycle called me. I got on and headed north along some side streets, off the main road (Chicago/Sheridan), just so I could get better acquainted with her. Before I knew I was running out of side streets and was darn close to school, so I braved Sheridan Rd. and head to the seminary, where I joined some friends for the tail end of their cookout and got to say some goodbyes. Then, I headed home before it got dark, and I decided I'd try Sheridan/Chicago all the way, which worked fine. Stoplights are a little interesting to negotiate as I've not yet mastered the art of putting my feet into the toe straps, so when I have to stop at the red light, I then have to get going again and slip my foot into the toe strap while in motion - difficult. But, I made it home intact. I'm still struggling with what to call her. As I mentioned to a friend earlier in the evening, modes of transportation are normally female in my tradition. (That tradition being how we all named our first cars in high school.) And the other rule is the first letter of the name has to be the same as the first letter of the model/make. So, I need a female "F" name. I've been tossing around "Fiona", but there is something about that which just doesn't quite fit. Any suggestions?

The next few weeks bring a lot to look forward to. Not the least of which is my long-awaited trip to North Carolina, where I, along with several of my fraternity brothers, will be gathering for a weekend of reunion and frivolity. I can hardly wait! Then, almost as soon as I get back, Beal will be arriving for a week. And sometime in there, or perhaps after, my good friend Millie is coming for a visit. Plus, I start Field-Ed at St. Luke's officially on the 19th. So, lots coming down the pike that is very exciting! Hooray summer!!! Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, I'm going to the zoo. Hooray summer!!!!




By Blogger Beth, at 4:02 PM  

I suggested "Fallopia" as an unambiguously feminine name - but that proved to be a notable omission from Ryan's entry...

By Blogger BrotherBeal, at 5:59 PM  


By Anonymous Tripp, at 12:06 PM  

Fraulein Ruby (I know, it is cheating a bit, but Ruby really suits her!)

By Blogger Debra, at 10:45 AM  

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