Saturday, May 28, 2005

Seabury Saints Win! And Lose! Richard Hooker Rejoices! 

With cries of "via media!" the Seabury Saints went on to thier first victory and third loss today in slow pitch softball. That's right folks, it was the All-Seabury game today where we got to play with several of our classmates anf family members who had not played on the official team during the season. Mitch and Frank taunted each other into hitting long fly balls while Mitch's Dad took it slow and steady, getting a solid base hit or a double each time. Well, with one exception that it - a inside the parker (really just a double with a few errors, but who's counting). Si and Jen got on base pretty regularly, Laurel made some amazing fielding plays, Mark rolled around a lot, and Susan shagged balls like a pro. Susie hit a couple of good balls after claiming to have never played before while I went 2 for 5 with two pop outs, a hard line drive caught by Laurel, a double and a single. AKMA showed up on the field to play third base for a team where he was the most effective by taunting other players with large words. Denise played 1st like a pro and Hope got some poor pitching. Beth and Amy held right field down and occasionally had a ball to field while the Dean and his wife cheered us on from the sideline. All in all it was a good game with a final score of 11-10 (my team), everyone had fun, no one was injured, and the picnic was cancelled due to rain.



Catcher, actually, but the point is - that was a LOT of fun. Regardless of what other games we have next year, we should do that again.

By Blogger Beth, at 9:55 PM  

It was so fun! Too bad I didn't figure that out until the end of the season.

By Blogger Susie, at 10:20 PM  

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