Saturday, May 07, 2005


Today was our championship match for the softball season. Last Friday was our opening day game. That's right, folks, a two game season - only in seminary league intramural softball! The Seabury Saints lost both games, somewhat more significantly today than last week. Towards the end of the game a long fly ball was hit to right field where I was helping play. I actually was playing right-center, but our right fielder at the time was not comfortable with fly balls. So, I was running to catch it - I had a bead on it and I knew I could get there in time. Then, it hits the sun, and I lose the ball completely. I knew I was right under it, so I stick my glove up hoping I've lined up right and it'll just fall in. Then, a sharp crack on my jaw and I hit the grass. I mean right on the point of my chin! I try wiggling my jaw - that seemed to work, if it hurt. I moved my tongue around in my mouth - no obvious blood or broken/missing teeth. I missed the ball and the easy out, but I was still alive, so I figure that's a decent trade off. (And, my agent assures me she would definitely have not charged me with an error.) Damn, I was lucky. I got back up and continue the inning. But let me tell you what, my face hurts like hell right now. Chewing is an interesting exercise.

On the better (batter?) side of things, I batted 5 for 6 (.833) in the season - and the sixth at bat, which produced the out, was immediately after I got wallopped today, so I figure that's ok. I had four singles and one double, two RBI's, and one run scored.

The Braves won today, which was great, but the Cubs lost in the top of the ninth on the world's stupidest error. It was painful to watch and I was already watching it with an ice pack on my face! Hung out with friends tonigh, but am turning in early because I hurt and I am tired. Tomorrow I am not doing a damn thing until the evening. Reading Week is next week, and I have relatively little to do for that. Some Hebrew homework and catching up on a bunch of diocesean paperwork. Now, to bed...where there is no pain...



That's what you get for joining a schismatic softball league ;)

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