Sunday, May 15, 2005

Long Week Coming to an End 

So, reading week is a blessing and a curse sometimes. I was really ready for reading week this time around - in fact, I was just about ready to go out of my mind. Monday and Tuesday were nice; I did relatively little. I filled out the diocesean paperwork that needed to get in and I worked on my Hebrew homework. But, that was pretty much all I had to do for the week, so by the time Thursday and Friday came around, I was bored. (Why is Dan Kolb warming up in the bullpen? Why do we ever let him warm up? Do we want to blow a lead? If we wanted to blow a lead we would've kept Ray King!) I was so bored on Wednesday, that I jogged to the gym instead of driving, for which my legs punished me on Thursday. (Suck on that Gagne - Chipper homers.) Friday I had some plans for the evening that I was really looking forward to and so Friday went by slow and the evening too fast. (HA! Andruw homers off Gagne - back to back homeruns!! Welcome back to baseball Gagne!) Saturday, today, I slept in adn then practiced my Hebrew reading for tomorrow. It'll be interesting, but I think I've got it to a point where I feel fairly comfortable with it now. By the way, everyone should listen to the project that the commentor named Tim on my last entry is working on. Just click on the link he provides, it is really interesting! (2 Grand Slams last night and tonight 46 year old Franco is stealing bases - something weird about this series...) I'm the crucifer tomorrow for Pentecost at St. Luke's - I enjoy doing that. Monday I meet with the priest-in-charge there about field-ed stuff. I'm hoping to begin field-ed stuff there this summer on a limited basis. 10-15 hours a week. Get used to the place, start learning the ropes before the intense period comes. I get to get used to them, and they to me, which I think works out best for everyone. I'll keep you posted on how that all goes. Now, to bed (after the 9th of course).



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