Sunday, May 01, 2005

Chills, They're Multiplyin' 

I literally got chills this morning at church during the sermon. The Rev. Cotton Fite preached an excellent and unique sermon that included the attempted recreation of the call of some sort of Warbler. It was humorous, but that was not what gave me chills. He spent a few moments in the sermon talking about passing the peace as liturgical symbol. Then, he recalled that at the funeral of Pope John Paul II there was gathered about every world leader in the one place. And then the peace was passed and these leaders turned to one another to shake hands and exchange the peace of Christ. Leaders who may be actively feuding with one another. The preacher remarked that someone with whom he was talking said of this event, "Imagine the power the church could unleash in that moment..." And that's when I got the chills. Wow. What an image and what a possibility. How can we get world leader's into Mass at the same time in the smae place again without anyone having to die? Could it become a semi-regular event?

The Peace of the Risen Christ be with you, now and always.



Do you think it would work on our own bishops... oh, right, we've tried that, haven't we.


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