Friday, May 27, 2005

Award's Night 

Tonight was the annual Seabury Award's Night - where Academic Awards are given out in the context of a worship service and humorous/student given awards are given out over dinner. Many congratulations to my classmates who earned lots of high accolades! The list of awards is as follows:

Best Paper in the Hebrew Scriptures: John H.
Church History: Laura G.
Theology and Society: Michelle B.
Contemporary Theology: Joyce B.

Collaborative Research Award: Marianna G.
Shana P.
Mitchell S.
Shahar W.

Greatest Contribution to Liturgical Life: Susie S.

Cantor's Award: Susie S.

Best Lector: Judith B.

Best Preacher: Judith B.

Seabury-Western Prize for Outstanding Service to the Seminary: Mark M.

Staff Appreciation Award: Mark M.

Woman's Board Middler Award: Michelle B.

Woman's Board Award: Jami A.

Leadership Award: Jane C.

High Academic Achievement, Middler Class: Cliff H.
Michael F.
Judith D.

Top Academic, Middler Class: Michelle B.

High Academic Achievement, Senior Class: Jami A.
Andrew B.
Leigh V.

Top Academic Achievement, Senior Class: John H.

Much to my shock, I also received an academic award. I was the recipient of the "Hebrew Bible" Scholarship Award, given to the student who shows the greatest promise in mastering Hebrew as evidenced by coursework in the Elementary Hebrew class. I was stunned really - I didn't even know that was an award until this morning. I'd like to thank the Academy...

Then, over dinner, many hysterical and semi-serious awards were passed out by the comedic duo, Jeff and John. Again, I was shocked to receive an award this time from a fellow classmate - a perennial award called the 'Golden Spike'. This award is passed on to the rising Senior who demonstrates the deepest sense of Anglo-Catholicism. I am actually very honored to receive this award and will uphold it with dignity and grace. In receiving it, I certainly need to recognize some of my teachers, to whom the award could also have more than reasonably gone: Copeland and Mitch. Thanks for all you've taught me!

And that concludes Award's Night - a good time was had by all and more than a fair share of laughs were enjoyed.



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