Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sizzle, Sizzle, Fry, Fry, Pop, Pop 

Remember those commercials from the 80's that said, "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs," and then showed a picture of two eggs frying?

I propose changing the add thusly: Instead of just frying eggs, have the yolks all busted apart and sizzling with the whites. Cut the "on drugs" reference and add in its place, "on 6 consecutive years of higher education with the knowledge that there is one more to go".



I guess with drugs, you have a choice?

By Blogger Jim, at 1:01 PM  

I suggest dipping bread into eggs that look "thusly," frying THAT in the pan and enjoying a lovely breakfast of French Toast. Seems that is one way to at least pretend the REAL feeling doesn't exist. . . ah, avoidance! Another skill for which to thank God!

By Blogger Debra, at 5:55 PM  

Sounds like a DEA-inspired parody of a deleted scene from Hannibal...

By Blogger BrotherBeal, at 8:30 PM  

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