Monday, April 18, 2005

It's Baseball Season Again 

With a paper due in Biblical Theology class tomorrow afternoon and a Hebrew midterm tomorrow morning I did the only thing I could do tonight: I watched my first Braves game of the season. The match-up was against the Astros and it was a helluva pitcher's duel. Roger Clemens vs. Tim Hudson (I like this guy!) - right now, it is heading to the 11th tied at nothing each. I took some time out from the seventh to the ninth to polish up some Hebrew and then I looked over my paper while the tenth was going on. Really, with language, you either know it or you don't come test time, so cramming doesn't really do anything but waste your time. The difference between me now and me several years ago is now I care about Hebrew and I know it come test time rather than not caring about Spanish then and not being prepared before my exams.

All of this going on after quite the wonderful weekend too.

One of the highlights (perhaps not the highlight, but one of them) from the weekend was the opportunity to serve as crucifer at St. Luke's. The crucifer's there, much like the torchbearers, have additional responsibilities from what I am used to from my acolyte rearing at St. Hilary's. I was responsible for getting the Gospel book and then holding it while this man proclaimed the Gospel in such a volume that I had a slight ringing in my ears after the event. I truly enjoy serving in this capacity - serving at the Altar, not receiving deaf-making proclamations - and look forward to the next time I will get to do so.


P.S. Thanks for all of you bearing with me while I posted my editorials from a few years back. I have no expectation that anyone will wade through them, but I did want to get them out there. I was able to find the link to the original web publication on the paper's site for most of them, and linked to such.


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