Monday, April 11, 2005

A Good Mood 

This evening I am in a good mood. There was a lovely service today (minus one small fainting incident - not me), I met some prospectives students at lunch, lifted well at the gym, enjoyed a good dinner served on time, had a phone conversation that put a smile on my face, talked with an old friend online to whom I haven't spoken in too long of a while, and have relatively little work to do tonight. I've got to translate some Hebrew, but once I get into that, I truly have fun with it. (I also volunteered to read the Acts 2 passage on Pentecost in Hebrew for Canterbury, so I need to get to work practicing on that.) I'm also getting excited for a vacation I'm helping to plan for June; it's sort of a mini-reunion for some fraternity brothers of whom we all see far too little these days. And now my tea is done brewing, so I'm off to drink it, read hebrew, and then take some time to myself. What a concept...


[Later (11:27pm): Turns out my free time vanished in the site of the lengthy Hebrew passage I had to translate. But, that was ok because it was an exceptionally good one - Exodus 3:1-13, the burning bush sequence in which God reveals His name to Moses and commission him to go to Egypt to bring out the Israelites (sons of Israel). We didn't get to my favorite part of this conversation, which is when Moses complains a bit too much and God retorts, in a booming James Earl Jonesy voice (it says that in the original Hebrew text too, "in a booming James Earl Jonesy voice"), "Who gave man his mouth...was it not I!!" Also, continuing the good mood streak, my Wednesday morning class was cancelled! Mmmm...sleep...]


ryan. i'm glad to see your writer's block has dissolved :)-- melanie

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