Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The last 24 hours have been kinda exciting, some in a good way, some in a bad.

So, yesterday at about this time, I was doing some reading and I heard a loud noise from outside. As in, a loud noise like someone hitting my car with something. So I get up and go out. Sure enough, someone had tried to smash the driver side window of my car, but failed. Hah! Wuss! It's all scratched up now, which is frustrating, but at least it didn't break. That could have led to a whole host of other irritations.

This morning was the Student Government meeting followed by the Middler Class meeting. At the latter I was nominated and elected to be co-Class Convener with Shana Banana, so that was quite the honor. This means I am in charge of all the important doings for our class next year and for calling us together as a class for meetings to discuss them. It's a decent sized job, but the honor of being nominated and elected is the real treat. Thanks y'all.

The Annunciation service went fairly smoothly and was glorious. So far, I've received good feedback from those of my classmates with whom I have spoken. No one even complained about the use of incense, though I felt poorly for one classmate who has a terrible cold/respiratory infection thing but showed up anyway to hear her fiancé chant the Gospel. Now that's dedication. The sermon, found here, was very good, and well worth a gander. My favorite part of the service, by far, was the wonderful cantoring of the Psalm in Anglican Chant (no mean feat) by a marvelous quartet of voices! It was truly a beautiful sound.

At the gym after class, I goofed up when adding weight to the bar for the bench and added 10 lbs more than I have been doing. But, when I figured it out, I had already done it, so I kept going, adding more weight each set. By the third set I did four repetitions of a weight that at one point in the not so distant past used to be my max. That's awesome! Softball season, here I come!

After that, I came home, showered, put acid on my foot, translated some Hebrew very quickly, ate dinner, and headed out to watch the Big Dance at a bar with some friends. Surrounded by a sea of orange, I had to be quiet in my rooting for UNC. Now why the hell would I root for UNC you're asking yourself. Well, I weighed my options carefully. Which team do I hate less? Illinois beat us, so if they won, we would have nothing to say. But, we beat UNC in the only game we played with them, so if they won, we could say we beat the National Champs. So I picked blue, grudgingly. It paid off in the end, with a 75-70 UNC victory. Since I picked them in my bracket to go all the way as well, it got me massive points and rescued me from the depths of last place all the way up to second place, because most others selected Illinois. So, that was cool. And now, I'm gonna do the most exciting thing ever......and go to bed. Goodnight y'all.



You're a crazy idiot...and a bad Christian

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:31 PM  

I don't know what on earth the anonymous person is talking about. Comment spam isnt' fun.

The service was great Monday... I already told you my reactions. I'm glad you liked the music.

I'm less glad you won the pool :(

By Blogger Susie, at 12:27 AM  

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