Sunday, April 03, 2005

Come, Holy Spirit 

Serving as a torchbearer this morning at St. Luke's was an excellent experience. It felt so good to be back serving at an altar in a parish, processing in and recessing out, vesting, the whole bit. Though torchbearers do a bit more at St. Luke's than we did at St. Hilary's, it was still manageable. Basically I processed in, did the Gospel procession, was prepared with the Lavabo, helped set out the patens and chalices, and recessed out. The other torchbearer was the Acolyte instructor who taught me yesterday, so when I was unsure about something he was ready to tell me where to go or what to do. But all in all it went very smoothly and God was worshipped. I look forward to two weeks from now when I will be the crucifer!

This evening over dinner at Canterbury, a wonderfully strange moment came upon us. There we were eating dinner, having a discussion, and generally not doing anything out of the ordinary for this group when quite suddenly and not altogether in context, one of the seniors turned to one of the freshmen and asked, "Do you want to be a priest?" Conversation paused. Everyone looked and the young man as he stammered through an answer that was filled with yes' and no's, maybes, I'm not sures, and why do you asks. I grinned because for a moment I felt like I was looking into a mirror. Turning to the senior who had posed the question I said, "That's a very interesting question ______, why do you ask?" They replied that they were not real sure, but that they could see it. I agreed and suggested to the somewhat befuddled and honored freshman, "Pay attention to questions like that."

It was a definite God moment. Come, Holy Spirit, come.



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