Friday, March 25, 2005

Maundy Thursday Reflections 

The other day at lunch I was talking with a friend and I said that suring CPE this past summer, I reflected on crying. I don't cry often, but when I do, it is often at odd times. Some movies make me cry, so I began to take note of when I cried in a movie and what was going on in the film that caused me to emote so. Two main categories occurred to me over the course of this experiment. Scenes with touching father-son moments often see tears on my face. I'm not sure why, really. Also, scenes that have strong Christian overtones involving redemption, renewal, or salvation cause my eyes to well up. Again, not sure what is actually going on inside me that makes me cry, but I am touched.

Tonight, after the conclusion of the Maundy Thursday service as I was watching the Stripping of the Altar, I found myself with a few tears upon my cheeks. I had to quietly chuckle as I thought about last summer's experiment and results. The categories seem to fit.



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