Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday Reflections 

Alleluia! Christ is risen!!
The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!!

As is the Seabury custom, the service began this morning before the Lord himself had considered rising, just so we could be ready when it happened. At 5:15am the first notes of the Exultet were sounded and we began our rejoicing. I had the pleasure of reading a portion of the Exodus passage, paired with another excellent lector. All the readings were execellently extolled, as a matter of fact. From the Lounge, we processed to the Chapel where we assented to the baptism of a (very) young member of our community and then proceeded with the Easter Eucharist. The service concluded with that favorite hymn, "Jesus Christ is risen today!" and we all recessed to brunch...before the clock tolled 7:30am I might add.

When I got home, I undressed and before I got dressed again in more casual clothes I thought I'd lay down a spell. Not so much to go back to sleep as the just rest for a moment or two. 11:30am rolled around and I rolled out of bed...well, if unintentionally, rested.

Though I am isolated from family and many dear friends up here, I would not be separated form them on this day, and so made and received several phone calls bearing tidings of the joyous occasion. First I talked to my parents who informed me all went well at home and the home church for Easter. Then, later in the afternoon, Hudd called to do some much needed catching up. We made some further plans for our reunion this summer, which is simply going to be off the charts of awesome.

Then, this evening, I left a message for another friend, and spoke to Lucia and Brother Bloom online, wishing them Easter tidings.

Easter is a happy time. A time of renewal, of hope, of expectations, and of love. A time we, as a world, are in much need of. Happy Easter to you.



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