Friday, March 04, 2005

Before You Buy 

You've started seeing it in the stores. You've wondered, "Hmm...should I give it a try, or is it better to leave well enough alone?" Well, before you buy the new Coca-Cola with Lime, read BrotherBeal's expert analysis. This is a man who takes soda drinking and connoisseurship to level previously unheard of except by wine and scotch enthusiasts. And I trust his opinion in this matter above my own. So, give it a gander, and do stop back by his new blog again.




Hi, IdaSusan here. In reply to your reply on BigPancakes journal. I must say that it's probably not your site that needs fixing. I have a lj account for the sole purpose of being able to read Dave's journal. I am his mother, see. And since I am not what you identify as a 'blogger,' and I don't have what I would call a website, I fear that I don't qualify as an 'Other." So I guess I can just sort of lurk and comment in the anonymous mode if I feel the need. As far as BrotherBeal's website goes, his entry strings along down the right sode of the page one word at a time. So I won't be visiting him very often. Anyway, I'm sure my problems have a lot to do with the fact that I have a Mac, am very illiterate as far as computers go and also lazy when it comes to all this.

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