Thursday, March 10, 2005


Phew!!! Ostensibly the hardest quarter of a Seabury education is over for my classmates and I. The New Testament II exam was this afternoon after which I forced myself to sit down and write out my last silly little History take-home quiz because I knew I would have no motivation to do it tomorrow before it was due at 2pm. And now, it's all done. Tomorrow morning I have Hebrew, but, it's after the final so no pressure at all. To celebrate, I got together with a select group of friends from Seabury and watched a movie, Rules of Engagement. I picked it because it went along with our discussion in Ethics the other day about just war and who qualifies as a combatant and how can you tell. We drank some beers, ate some popcorn, and just relaxed. How nice! On Saturday morning I fly home for the week so that I may meet with my C.O.M. on Monday afternoon, which should be a good meeting. They emailed me today with a list of suggested topics for our conversation and they all look like good, relevant topics which will bear fruitful discussion. I also hope to garner from this meeting some sense of direction for the next year and a half or so. I need to know where I am going and how I am suppossed to get there. So, hopefully, we'll be able to talk about that as well. All in all I look forward to the meeting. I'll update after the meeting to let you all know how it went. Then, when I return to Chicago, it'll be............SOFTBALL SEASON!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!



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