Sunday, February 13, 2005


(n.) - an act of revenge.

You knew the Deacs were going to come out and play hard today against FSU, after shamefully losing the last game against them several weeks ago. You just knew it. There was little doubt in my mind that we were going to win. But, 87-48!!! Good grief! That's not just a win, that's a spanking! Justin picked up 20 pts., Williams had 15 pts. and made career high with 14 rebounds. Taron hit six three-pointers in a row and both Trent and Chris Ellis rose above the 'Noles and slam dunked it! Chris Paul had a bit of an off game, only scoring 8, but when our otehr team members are playing at the top of their game like today, boy, that's just not a huge problem.

We'll travel to my home state on Tuesday to take on the 'Canes (routing them as they did us in football I hope) before walking into dreaded Cameron. In the past three years, we've traded blow for blow with the Devils, both teams winning at home. This year Duke has really stepped it up on what most at first thought to be limited personnel, but they are in the running like so many other years. Sure, we won a hard fought victory against them a few weeks ago at the Joel, but playing in Cameron is another story altogether. I'm confident that it will be a great game and I'd like to be just as confident that we'll walk away with another win against our rival, but I just can't say for sure. Everyone will be needed at their A game.



I agree - and I think this FSU spanking was just the thing we needed to do to prove to the rest of the world what we can do when we don't let a team that's down get back up. Too often, we don't go for the jugular - but this was a definite statement.

I think Cameron will be hard, but I think it's more than an outside chance that we could win there. I watched Duke lose to Maryland last night, and Coach K had a hard time keeping his players out of foul trouble. Five players fouled out - opening the door for Maryland to be the first team to sweep Duke home and away since 1995. If a bunch of turtles can do it, I don't see any reason why the Deacs can't.


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