Thursday, February 10, 2005

Catching Up With Myself 

It seems, if I step away from myself to get a third person perspective, that my physical presence is way ahead of where my soul feels. However, what I am told, is that for a 2nd term Middler Episcopal Seminarian, that this crucible is normal. I'm glad my compatriots once felt as I did, but that doesn't relieve my feelings very much. Oh well, I'm taking a deep breath, and will spend a few moments here catching up with myself and everything thats been going on with me recently in no particular order.

Concert last night, class scheduling, candidacy, Hebrew midterm, Compline, and important news events that I'm concerned about.

The Idan Raichel Project concert was simply amazing! I am really glad I went, even though it couldn't have fallen at a worse time. They are an Ethiopian-Israeli band that my friend Sam worked on getting here to Chicago as a part of their U.S. tour; their music is kind of a ambient-fusion style that might be best described to an American as a mix of Ben Harper and U2, with maybe a little Enya thrown in. It was so soul-filled (trying to avoid the musical connotation of "soulful"), moving, fun, joyful yet haunting. We had great seats, second row, courtesy of Sam's maneuvering AND we got to hang out with the band afterwards!! They were really cool and seemed really happy to talk to us. This was their 10th stop on a 19 stop tour. I was ecstatic to be able to buy their CD and then have Idan and one of the female singers (I only know Idan's name) to autograph my album. In English it is called "Out of the Depths". All in all, the whole experience made me really really really itchy to go back to Israel...

I had a meeting today with my academic advisor to discuss classes for the Spring term and a general outlook for the rest of my time here at Seabury. I used to think 3 years here was a long time....HA! Now, it's not near enough to learn everything I want to learn! Anyway, it was a good meeting and I have a pretty good grasp on what I need to do from the academic side of things.

Candidacy is another story. This is the part of the process associated with people on ordination track that is pretty crucial. At some point in the near future, I need to go home and be interviewed by my Commission on Ministry and have them recommend me to the Bishop, who has to make me a candidate. I must be a candidate for one year at least before I can be ordained to the transitional diaconate, and must be a deacon for six months at least before I can be ordained to the priesthood. I emailed my mentor on the COM and she told me to take a deep breath, relax, that all would take place as it is suppossed to, so that was a relief.

My Hebrew midterm is tomorrow morning and at first I started freaking out about it because in my mind, I normally associate "midterm/final exams" with "time to freak out". Then I began studying for it and I realized, with the exception of a few fine points, I KNOW THIS STUFF! That is so awesome to me; 6 weeks ago I was looking at the Hebrew language mystified and doubtful I would ever be able to get as far as I have. Now, I take for granted in my head concepts that I used to struggle with. I suspect, and my professor agrees, that trend will continue. Hebrew II will give me the tools I need to translate most texts in the Bible and there is a course offered at Garrett (U. Methodist seminary across the street) for next Fall called Intermediate Hebrew, which will bolster my ability to read aloud and translate with greater facility. I look forward to that class too!

The Compline Ordinary according to the Anglican Breviary that I've been talking about will be prayed by the community for the first time tonight. I really hope it goes well and that people come!

In the news, in case you missed it - THERE IS OFFICIAL PEACE IN PALESTINE/ISRAEL!!!!!!!!! Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas, in Egypt, reached an agreement that has brought an official end to over 4 years of violence and military aggression. The Second Intifada is officially over. I say officially because Hamas has declared that they are not a party to this agreement, which is not good because it means they will still execute attacks. But, Sharon has agreed to totally pull out of Gaza and the West Bank cities being occupied, and release many prisoners of war. Further he has promised not to make incursions into those places anymore. Abbas has succeeded in reigning in many and has made some significant, though controversial, personel changes in his staff and Authority. The fact that Egypt played host to this meeting is not historically insignificant either, quite the contrary by far, but that's a subject for another time. Bush has agreed to meet with both Sharon and Abbas at separate meetings at the White House; this is significant because Bush would not deal with Arafat in previous years (for reasons that bother me, but again, that's for another time, or maybe a time now past). For now however, we have an opportunity to give a sign of relief and great praise to God. Jerusalem is a city that is built at unity with itself...peace be within your walls and security within your towers! Praise be to God that this has come to pass, if only in a beginning stage. May it remain.



One correction, bro: national canons state (Canon III.8.6(c), specifically) that one only need be a candidate for six months before ordination to the diaconate.

By Blogger Jane Ellen+, at 10:13 PM  

Well that makes things a little easier, but I still would really like a timeline and a checklist. "Things that need to be done and when they need to be done by."


By Blogger Ryan, at 10:25 PM  

I think your need for a checklist is a "mother tape." Sorry about that, but they are helpful!! So glad to hear you so upbeat about everything and I'm thrilled for you that your compline service went so well. We're very proud of you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM  

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