Friday, February 25, 2005

Already Obsolete 

Like the once awe-inspiring TI-82, I'm already obsolete. As a bank teller that is. With my bank telling experience but a few short years behind me, I am a little surprised and somewhat saddened. My current bank just opened up a new branch office much closer to my apartment, so that is pretty cool. I went in there today to cash a few checks. I always carefully watch what the teller does and try to remember what it was like when I did it, so that if it is not fast enough for my tastes or they goof up, I can empathize rather than get upset. Well, he ran the checks and then just stood there. I was wondering when he was going to open his drawer and count out the sheer wads of cash that I would be receiving. (Well, more pittance than wads, but whatever.) But no, he just stood there. Then I heard a faint whirring sound and out of a gray machine at waist level to his right popped my cash, and exact change, broken down as I had asked him. Amazing. All my speed at cashing checks (I am fondly remembering the races Lynnetta and Wendy and I would have each business day, especially when we worked the drive-thru, to see who could complete the most transactions), all my facility at balancing my drawer (I balanced every day, with one or two exceptions), all my confidence built up in explaining things to customers, counting out correct change, sorting cash into piles, and all of that - obsolete, just like that! Wam! It's gone! I sure do hope this new fangled machine has built into it a recorded voice which, in response to the verbal cue, "Give my all your money," automatically says, "To Hell with you!"




If banks have come this far, imagine what technological wonders have sprung up in the fast-food establishments of the world... Burgers that cook themselves! Predigested tacos for the enzyme deprived! Soft drinks that never go flat...

I'm gonna need a moment.

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