Sunday, February 20, 2005

1 and 1 

Wake and Duke both won at home, so I can't make too many complaints. Both teams played hard tonight (a little too hard at times), but Duke came up with the win, 102 - 92. Not all was lost, though, as the chili and the cornbread I cooked went over real well with my friends. It was mighty tasty, I must say. Even the Duke family (and Pippa, but she doesn't have a blog to link to) that came over deigned to dine with us Deacons and though they won bragging rights over the game, at least they were well fed.

Sarak K called we both before and after the game to say good luck and well played. I hope we can both look forward to some most excellent post-season play.

Our next game is apparently against a team called Longwood. We've no idea who they are. Most of us took some speculative guesses though: a prison team, a high school women's volleyball team, a suburbian church basketball All-Star (Saint?) team, and so on. We got some less notable players warmed up for that game by giving them some playing time at the end of tonights game. Feather? Joyce? Who are these guys? We thought maybe they were some Duke fans who suited up to confues us at the end. Whoever they are, I guess they'll be stars next week.

A good time was had by all, in the end, so for that, I am thankful.


P.S. Sorry, Blog, for neglecting you recently. I'll try to correct that...


That was definitely a game to watch, and hopefully a game the guys will learn from. As for Longwood - they're a small liberal arts school in rural Virginia - I've had several friends who graduated from there. Apparently they're something like 1-27 this season, so the Deacs shouldn't be too worried. And as for Scott Feather - he's a walk-on who, apparently, was put in to tackle whoever the hell he could find and stop the clock...

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See, you talked to the blog too!!!

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