Monday, January 03, 2005

A New Year, A New Quarter 

I am back, after a delayed flight return yesterday, in Chicago and it is chilly but not as bitterly cold as it can get here. It was a good, if busy, visit home with lots of fun times spent with family and friends. Arriving at my apartment at 1am, I decided I'd let myself rest (as I've got a touch of a cold courtesy of my father) and go in to buy my books at 10am. Academically, I think this will be a challenging term. New Testament II, History of Christian Life & Thought III, Christian Ethics II, and Hebrew I loom large on the horizon. My Hebrew textbooks, lexicon, and Tanakh all seem just a wee bit scary at this point. Tonight, I finished unpacking, read my brief assignment for my first class, and enjoyed a heck of a game - the Sugar Bowl. Tomorrow night the National Championship is on and I'm not real sure who I'm rooting for, so I guess I hope it just a good game.



I did not give you a cold. I gave you Scotch. You picked up the wrong thing


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