Thursday, January 20, 2005

Neat Trick 

I learned a neat trick yesterday, which I'm sure many of you know already. You go to Google and instead of running a normal search, you type in:

link: [your website URL here]

The results that will come up are all the websites out there on Google that link to your web page. Kinda cool! So, in flipping through some of the ones that linked to my page with which I was unfamilar, I came across a pretty neat site for all you book-lovers. It's called All Consuming and is a compiler site that checks recently updated weblogs for links to books. So, for example, when I write about a book I just read, as I'm wont to do, this site picks up on that and publishes my comments about the book on their page. That makes it a good site to check out if you're wondering what some other readers out there are thinking about a particular book. Kinda dorky, I know, but oh well, I am writing about it on a blog after all and that sort of already answers that question.



http://turtledeb.blogspot.com <- don't know if your Google trick will work on this or not, but thought you'd want to know your major influence in other's lives ;)

By Blogger Debra, at 10:45 PM  

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