Saturday, December 11, 2004

Home for the Holidays 

I arrived safely tonight in Fort Myers for the holiday season. So many things to do while I'm here! On Wednesday, Gregor (a junior at Seabury from my diocese) will be traveling together to the diocesan office for a meeting with some members from the C.O.M. (commission on ministry). Tomorrow morning, my Dad will be going to the diocesan conference center for the first meeting of the Bishop Coadjutor search committee. Mason's uncle, The Rt. Rev. Clay Matthews will be guiding them through this hectic process, so I know they're at least in good hands. Tomorrow, I'll start putting in order all the things I need to do while home, which include several church visits to various parishes that have financially contributed to my seminary education. Hopefully, that way, I'll be able to keep my head about me.



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