Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lets Go, Deacons! 

I've been pretty busy over the past fews days and thus have not had as much chance to blog as I would have liked. The Demon Deacons have opened up their basketball preseason with a great showing! A huge win over USC-Upstate (103-57), a thrashing of Winston-Salem State (89-61) and an excellent victory against GW (97-76) last night to start off the regular season. We're ranked #2 preseason and some commentators have us going all the way, which would, of course, be awesome, but I'll hold out to see how we play come February. That's usually when we falter. But this season could be different; we have the skill and the experience. Led by Chris Paul, the sophomore point guard and arguably the best guard in the country, we've been putting up some pretty impressive numbers - a 96.3 pts/game average so far, and 17 steals and 38 rebounds in the last game. Eric Williams, Justin Gray, Jamaal Levy, and Vytus Danelius are all lined up to have a great year. Most importantly, our sense of team play seems to be a bit stronger than in the past few years and I definitely think that will lead us to some victories. The Duke dynasty has fallen to the #12 slot - sorry Sarah and AKMA - but if I'm right, the venerable Coach K will push that up a bit. He doesn't have the team this year like he's had in past years, but he's still got some great talent and an excellent legacy that will make them a great rival to take down...twice! And, of course, what is the best part about this #2 ranking for me residing up in the midwest? ESPN and ESPN2 coverage!! I'll finally be able to watch a lot of the Deacs ballgames! So, what's March gonna look like? Right now I say: Kansas, Arizona, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest, with Wake taking it all!!!

Too much excitment. As my classmate Dan put it yesterday, "Ryan, you might finally have to ask for an extension on a paper!" Perhaps, Dan, perhaps. I wouldn't want you to get too far ahead of me in the Overachiever of the Year race though.



I'll give you Chris Paul, sweetheart, but the only reason we're ranked 12 right now is because we lost Deng, Duhon, and Livingston. People have yet to see what Demarcus Nelson will add, not to mention Sean Dockery, Daniel Ewing, Shavlik Randolph, JJ Reddick, and Sheldon "The Landlord" Williams. We'll see who ends up on top. K has most definitely done more with less. And you can't just quote the Wake/Duke game this year, as you guys don't have to endure the hell that is Cameron.

The ACC Expansion may have been great for football, but it really screwed up college basketball in one of the most impressive and storied conferences in the league.

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