Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Clueless in Seattle 

Whoever designed the roadways in Seattle should be shot, in the knees, and then made to drive through the city with maps only provided by MapQuest. We've changed our mantra from "...if we get lost," to "...when we get lost," and allowed for time to do so when planning a trip. Also, the rain. Enough said.

I was an honorary woman this morning at the Women's Bible Study at St. Thomas, which was very good. They have some real insightful women in that group who had some interesting things to say about Job, thier current book. They are on chapter 36, and I found myself really wanting to come back next week when they do chapter 38, my favorite in Job. (God appears in a tornado and says to Job while pointing at Elihu, "Who's this dumbass holding forth?") We then joined the other plunge team in the diocese for lunch and a discussion about multicultural issues in the church. It was there that we met a man calling himself, "Shana's Dad." He refused to go by any other name. Joyce cooked dinner tonight - pork roast - and it was tasty. Tomorrow night we have dinner with another parishoner and then the following night I'm going to try to keep open for "family" night at the O'Neills. They've been so kind and gracious to me and I feel as if I've not spent any time with them.

I'm still preaching on Wednesday and am not sure what I'm going to say. I've thought about opening it up with, "Who would Richard Hooker have voted for?" I think that I'll read the lessons tonight, wait to see how the election turns out and then combine those for material in my sermon.



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