Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Big Game Tomorrow 

I just finished watching Duke narrowly defeat Michigan State in their part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and am getting pumped for tomorrow's game of #1Wake vs. #3Illinois. It's going to be an exciting game and I look forward to watching it with the alum gang at Jeff's place. We've decided to try and watch as many of the games as we can together - Kate, Julia, Jeff, David, Adam, Samantha, Erin, and I. We'll trade off hosting everyone at our apartments and go to a few bars from time to time to mix things up. It should be a blast of a season. The Fighting Illini (what the hell is that anyway, midwesterners?) are looking for an upset tomorrow, but I think Paul and Gray and the boys are going to shut them down, albeit closely. Either way, look for some exciting college basketball tomorrow night!



Heh...Rebecca and I just finished watching that game. Bit disappointed that Duke won, but I guess we'll live.

And we're definitely gonna be tuning in tomorrow.

Wake as #1. I get the feeling I'm gonna be watching more games this year than I did as an actual student...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 AM  


Long time no see! We need to catch up; I've been remiss in my duties as a friend and for that I apologize. Yeah, I was rooting for MSU as well, but it was still a good game. WIsh y'all could be here to watch the game with us tomorrow night. And I'm glad you made mention of Rebecca in your comment, cause otherwise I'd of had no idea who you were. See that's the only big trouble with blogger's commenting system - there's no field to put your name in if you don't have a blogger profile (don't have to have a blog to have a profile) and so it's easy to forget to write who you are. Good to hear from you though. Go DEACS!


By Blogger Ryan, at 12:52 AM  

"Demon Deacons", and you're giving people grief about "Fighting Illini"?

"Hoosiers" and "Hoyas" - now THOSE are hard to figure.

By Blogger Dawgdays, at 1:01 AM  


Came across your blog today. Great stuff. Tonight's game will be tremendous. I. Can't. Wait.

Noticed you were a college basketball fan. Hoping you could add a blogroll link to my College Basketball Blog, http://collegeball.blogspot.com. I'd very much appreciate a link on your site.

And would gladly return the favor, adding a link from my site to yours.


Yoni Cohen, http://collegeball.blogspot.com
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By Blogger yoni cohen :: http://yocohoops.com, at 1:50 PM  

All right, so I signed up. Sorry about that...I realized as soon as I hit the 'submit' button that I'd forgotten to sign it.

Yeah, trust me, it would be really cool to watch the game with everyone...but we'll be with ya in spirit, if in body we're sitting on our couch.

As for 'demon deacons' being a silly name...at least I can define both 'demon' and 'deacon'. I'll agree that it doesn't make a lot of sense together...but at least the two are recognizable words.

Now...'hoosiers', 'hoyas', and 'illini' are much less recognizable. I'm assuming 'illini' are people from Illinois...but it's still a ridiculous school name.

By Blogger Hudd, at 3:41 PM  

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