Saturday, October 23, 2004

Second City 

Just got back from seeing the Second City show with Jeff and Kim, his sister in from out of town. For those not Chitown-saavy, Second City is a comedy club that has oft been a breeding ground for Saturday Night Live and has graduated such comedians as John Candy, Jim Belushi, and Mike Myers. Tonight's show was pretty funny; I've never been to a comedy club before so I really enjoyed it. They did some improv work, calling on the audience for suggestion and mine were picked twice! First, a type of relationship people are in: in-laws. Second, a situation or activity: fishing. Though I must say, the improv scene were theyt asked for a profession of a grandparent, and someone called out painter, was by far the best. Memorable quotes: "The canvas is like a woman, and your paintbrush is like a paintbrush," "Art is air and we are the breathers," & "You must take art with you wherever you go and profound it." There was also a joke made about Sanibel Island and I was the only person who laughed.

Before the show we had dinner with my good friend Katie, with whom I grew up, and her boyfriend Adam, who goes to med school at U of C. Happy birthday to Katie on Sunday! She flew up from Atlanta to spend the weekend with Adam, but we managed to all be able to get some chow together. Usually when she comes up, I get a days notice and already have plans, but this time I got four days! So, it was great to see her. Now, I am going to bed, because it is storming and I have to be up early for the Nashotah vs. Seabury annual Lavabo Bowl (football game). Go Saints!



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