Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rough Loss and Very Busy Day 

The day began bright and early with the Holy Eucharist at Seabury where the Nashotah House students and families joined us for worship before the big football game. Given that it is a Rite I week at Seabury, the Customary dictates that all MC'd services must follow the rite of the week, which was also a good ministry of hospitality to our guests. Still though, it was noted that some of them elected not to receive communion since it was consecrated by a female priest. Then came the game. I was only able to play for the first quarter; more on that later. In that quarter though, I was truly disappointed by the low level of sportsmanship displayed. Only when two seminaries get together can that kind of ugliness come out. It went beyond a healthy competitive spirit I thought. Apparently, at one point after I left, one of thier players shoved one of our players from behind, after the play was over in a cheap move. To our player's credit, he walked away, and to their team's credit they grabbed their player and had a talkin' to. Still though. We're going to be priests for crying out loud and we acted like ten year olds. Anyway, the game ended in a close loss for the Saints, 21-20, due to a two-point conversion scored by the Black Monks.

The reason I had to leave the game early was I had to drive to Oak Park to attend the Adult half of the Keeping God's People Safe seminar. It was worthless as far as I was concerned. It took 3 hours for them to say, in some pretty roundabout and creative ways, "If you're in a position of authority in a church, don't have sex with someone who is not your spouse. And it's a good idea even if you're not in a position of authority." But, I got my certificate that says I'm good to go, so I guess that's the reason I went.

This evening was awesome! Jenni's 30th birthday is today and her friend and classmate of ours, Kassinda, organized a great surprise party for her. We all his up in a classroom and Jenni came in, fully expecting to spend the evning watching movies with her friends. We yelled surprise. She made a funny face and cried. It was nice. Then we sang happy birthday to her and when we got to the part where we were gonna say her name, we all suddenly went silent, and her Mom (flown in from Colorado) jumped out from the hallway and yelled, "Jenni". More tears. More funny faces. More good times. MY CPE supervisor was there and I'm sure she noted I did not cry. I think Jenni was truly surprised and exceptionally pleased. It was a heartwarming night.

Tomorrow is my last day with the kiddies of St. Augustine's. I'll be donning my story-teller's robe and reading them one of my favorites - Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. It works with the Gospel lesson, too, so that is a bonus. Well, now, after this extremely busy day, I'm going to bed!



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