Sunday, October 31, 2004

Lots of Work to Do 

What a whirlwind day! Joyce, Siobhan, and I toured Seattle downtown today, visiting Pike Plaza Market, a few piers, having lunch in a Mediterranean restaurant, enjoying a cookie from a company called "Cow Chips", and refreshing ourselves with afternoon tea at a local tea company. Following that afternoon, we headed back to the O'Neills for a brief respite, wherein we watched a part of the amazing Miami-UNC game (Final Score: Miami 28, UNC 31) and Joyce learned her Michigan team won in 3OT. We dined with the two clergy persons at a local Japanese restaurant and discussed how we would negotiate our time here. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, I must admit. There is much to be done. Driving is a big part of our challenge here, not only figuring out where to go and how to get there, but also in not dying on the myraid highways. Ye gods!

After dinner, we dropped in on the Youth Lock-in (ah, I remember those days with great fondness!) and played a few games with them, where I inadvertantly won one. The prize: Shrek ears, which I have been instructed must be worn at service tomorrow and that I have to come up with what saint they best coorespond with. Speaking of figuring things out, I found myself winding through a dinner conversation tonight out of which came the idea that I would preach at St. Thomas' on Wednesday! Wow! The feast day is that of Richard Hooker, so I'll be busy garnering ideas for that brief sermon (to be shorter than the Seabury 3-5 minuter).

There is a lot to be done here and much to investigate. The "story" of these two parishes will be an interesting one to uncover in all their facets, amid all the anger and resentment, and in the works of healing and reconciliation being done throughout in different, albeit low-key ways. That being said, I think I'll retire early tonight, catch up on some sleep, and be ready to hit the ground running tomorrow morning at All Saints. Goodnight.



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